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Remotely Monitor Your ESP Devices

Identify Issues Faster

Track Metrics

Pre-defined system metrics or record your own custom metrics

Crash Backtraces

Inspect device crashes with detailed backtraces

Device Logs

Check all kinds of logs like Errors, Warnings, Reboots, etc

Why ESP Insights

ESP Insights allows developers to view stack back-traces and register dumps for firmware running on devices.

With rich information about issues, developers have a much shorter turn-around time for fixing issues.

Powerful Widgets

Widgets that provide developers with meaningful representations of devices' data, thereby helping them to quickly build robust software.

Detailed logs

ESP Insights agent captures the core dump information and reports it to the ESP Insights cloud in the subsequent boot-up, allowing you to look at all the devices crash logs with backtrace data.


The ESP Insights agent supports recording and reporting metrics to the cloud. You can then view the timeline charts that plot how these metrics changed over a while.

Latest Blogs

Check out our latest blogs and discover all the exciting things you can do with ESP Insights.

5 Mins Read
Aug 17 2022
Custom Dashboards
The core purpose of ESP Insights Dashboard has always been to help quickly identify a group of nodes which are showing similar behaviour patterns with the help of powerful search filters.
3 Mins Read
Aug 9 2022
Group Analytics with Dynamic Search Filters
It’s been a few months, since we first introduced our Group Analytics feature in the ESP Insights. Group Analytics allows a wholistic view of your devices in the field, categorised or grouped either by their behavioural pattern viz.
2 Mins Read
Apr 29 2022
In-depth device metrics
In the earlier version of the ESP Insights Dashboard users could check and analyse device reported metrics, for only up to the past 3 hours.